A Gentle Gathering — Pillow case,

Home textile series


Handwoven pillow case part of the ‘A Gentle Gathering’ home textile series, made of wool and mohair fibers and entirely manufactured in North-eastern Italy using pedal handlooms dated 1850.

Composition  Wool and Mohair fibers
Dimensions  45x45cm / 50x50cm / 70x40cm / 90x40cm approx.
(The pieces are made using handlooms, please allow a few centimeters difference)
Technique  Handwoven
Details  Invisible zipper at the bottom
Use  Indoor only. 
Filling  Soft flocks filling contained in an un-dyed cotton cover, carefully custom made for the A Gentle Gathering collection. Removable.

Manufacture The entire collection is manufactured with Tessitura la Colombina in North-eastern Italy

Artisans and Process   Five different artisans take part in the making process of each piece. During its production, the pillow-case went through 5 specialized and traditional manual processes: warping, setting the loom, weaving, washing, tailoring. Traces of imperfection makes every artifact unique and show the authenticity of the handmade process.

Care  Handle with care. Dry clean is suggested in order to preserve the quality of the product. Alternatively, use a mild detergent and carefully hand-wash by submerging in cold water for 10-15 minutes or use your washing machine selecting the cold, delicate setting, use low spin-dryer. Dry flat or on a clothesline away from direct sunlight. Do not wring dry or tumble dry.

These slow objects have been designed to carry tangible heritage values, consciously and with care.

Note that colors may appear different from screen to screen and may slightly vary on the finished product.


Textile objects that reclaim a sense of slowness

A Gentle Gathering is a home collection of slow objects made with ancient restored handlooms that weave following the pace of the body. It tells stories about rural memories, tranquility and artisanal rituals.

The series brings people together, slowly embracing them in a warm and intimate atmosphere. It springs from the need for re-setting our values with something simple and familiar, disconnecting from a hectic modern life to be in touch again with matter and craft. Consciously, and with care.

Its blankets and cushions are entirely handmade in a textile district in the North of Italy, using wool yarns chosen from a forgotten archive. The making of each piece goes through manual and slow processes, where expert, immersive and repetitive gestures leave a trace of imperfection that makes every piece authentic and unique.

Drawn from an earthy palette, the collection is reminiscent of the Mediterranean landscape. It describes the traditional checkerboard motif, organised in a tactile grid play where the dense and soft mohair blocks are gently framed by relief lines and placed on a rough and primitive wool surface. Simple in aesthetic, but rich in tactility and made with a sophisticated method of manufacture
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