A. Vetra shapes concepts with a strong tactile identity and a human trace. Its work is unified by an evocative narrative inspired by the virtues of structure and a timeless aesthetic.

As an object and textile editor, A. Vetra creates limited-edition collections and one-off pieces, praising the beauty of folk culture and Mediterranean imagery through collaborations with artisanal identities. It honours slow processes and uniqueness of the handmade.

A. Vetra's work blurs the line between visual and product design, art direction, styling, and set design.

A. Vetra was initiated in 2019 by Giulia Ferraris, an Italian product and textile designer based in Amsterdam.

In her interdisciplinary exploration, traces of the past and modern visions engage in a tactile conversation, seeking a balance between the cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetic approaches.
Giulia believes in objects with nostalgic value, finding beauty in their story, and their permanent presence.