Epoca — Edizione Terra (Ed. T.)

Recycled clay vases

Epoca is a collection of vases.
It is actually two series in one.
Both are made of clay.

Epoca, Edizione Terra (Ed. T.) consists of four pieces in recycled clay with chunky handles. They come in their natural color, a matte nude tone, with a glazed waterproof interior. The surface is grainy and rough at the touch, while the light falls soft on its curves, changing kindly its silhouette.

Epoca is a vase collection made with recycled clay and oxide finishing, whose textured objects, imperfect and poetic, play with shade and light.
    Working with natural materials teaches us to expect the unexpected, where imperfection is what makes the object unique and alive. Using mixtures of leftovers from different materials (Ed. Terra) adds a poetic touch to the process; the reaction to heat and air and the differences in the composition (Ed. Ossido) make the result unpredictable and precious.
    The idea of solids and voids interacting with light and shade inspires the shapes of this collection. They are changeable entities where light plays an important role, transforming the surface into a moving texture while blurring the edges of the volumes. If overlapped, the outlines of each vase complement the curves and voids of the others. This design connection ensures continuity in the essence of the different pieces while preserving the core originality of their aesthetic. —

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